Updated: May 31, 2019

Glowing Skin is my favorite look on any bride, & I have four words for you.

Yoga and Coconut Oil!

That’s right, yoga isn’t only about #yoga pants and #instagram pics, though we love our yoga pants! Yoga is a mindful practice that focuses on movement with breath. After your practice, you will have better circulation, flexibility, and less stress. AKA Yoga Glow! An anti-aging pose to try at home is Waterfall Pose, an alternative to the advanced yoga pose, shoulder stand. You will need a yoga block for this pose. When your feet and legs are in the air, the blood flow is reversed bringing an increased blood flow to your face which will diminish wrinkles over time!

If you don't have a yoga block handy there is another alternative. We will call this pose Legs on the Wall or Legs on the Back of the Sofa! This pose provides relief for tired legs and feet and calms the mind.

Now let's talk about coconuts! The coconut palm has a special nickname, the “tree of life.” The entire tree has provided food, clothing, and shelter for thousands of years. A coconut palm can live up to 80 years and can provide three generations worth of gifts. Learning this makes me want to utilize this wonderful palm even more. Luckily, we have also realized how hydrating it is for our skin, so we can use it more! Two makeup artists who are friends of mine, Jorie Malan (The Resident, Sleepy Hollow) and Erin Keith (13 Reasons Why, Bay Watch), have shared with me how coconut oil gives our skin a wonderful glow. Fractionated coconut oil is a must have for me because it’s light and absorbs quickly into the skin without clogging pores, and it leaves skin silky smooth with a beautiful glow! I put fractionated coconut oil on my body right after I shower while my skin is still damp. For a quick #facial, I also rub fractionated coconut oil on my face and then cover it with a warm washcloth for a mini facial! #doTERRA makes my favorite fractionated coconut oil and you can purchase here!


Yoga on your wedding day is a gift for you, so you can find your Wedding Day Zen and remember why you are saying I Do!


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